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In tournaments, every player begins with the same number of chips and, over time, the stakes are raised periodically, perhaps every 15 to 60 minutes. The stakes, number of chips, and the time periods between advances in stakes defines whether the tournament is slow or fast. Expert players choose slow tournaments because they begin with lower stakes, more chips, and longer time periods. This provides the better player with the maximum chance of outfoxing the other players before the stakes are raised to such a level that they must merely gamble too much.

Here is through a 'buy-in' which means they all enter for the same amount of money. The poker room charges an entry fee that each player must pay for entering the poker tournament. Consider this- if the tournament buy-in is $100 and the house charges a $10 entry fee, each player must pay $110 to enter the tournament. If 150 players enter, the prize pool will equal the number of players times the buy-in, in present case 150 X $100 = $15,000 prize pool. The exact structure of the pay outs is established by that tournament however, generally there will be a prize for about the top ten players with each prize being a set percentage of the prize pool. As an example, the first ranked player might receive 30 percent of the pool, second place 20 percent, third place 15 percent, etc.

 Type of Poker Tournaments

•  Multi-Table Online Poker Tournaments are the among the leading and highest paying poker tournaments online! Discover how the big online poker tournaments are organized. In all these online games you proceed through the ranks to win the big money!

•  Sit-and-Go Tournaments are a great choice if you're looking for some fast action online tourneys. Quick wins and Low buy-ins make these single table and multi table tournaments crazily popular.

•  Direct Entry Satellites are those online poker tournaments that qualify you for the bigger events. It features lower buy-ins, where if you win the tournament, you will attain a seat to a bigger tournament. Big prizes, cash rolls and trips to land-based events are all part of the show.

•  Freerolls are fantastic poker tournaments and form just one of the benefits of playing online poker at ... You simply play for free but you could collect real cash prizes. On offer are absolute freerolls series that can plant you in the main event seat at the biggest poker tournaments in the world.

•  Bounties are such tournaments where a bounty is placed on your head. On top of that these great online tournaments offer big guarantees. You even make cash bounty money for knocking other players out of the tournament.

•  Nobody doesn't want to play cash cow tournaments, above all with the explosion of tournament poker in all formats- in full blown card rooms, on televisions, and online too.

•  In fulfillment of this need, our professionals have put their heads together and consciously designed the best online tournament environment available anywhere. The tournaments at ... present a wide variety of games and buy-ins planned to go with all types of players with all sorts of bankrolls. From a one-table Sit & Go (SNG) to a large multi-table tournament (MTT), here is where your journey starts and triumphantly ends!

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