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Betting begins clockwise to the right of the Big Blind. The dealer button sits in the corner seat. The dealer usually deals to the Small Blind first then to the Big Blind and so on around the table until every player including the dealer has two cards. Thus the first to act in this case will be the left seat. The first player must make a decision whether he calls the Big Blind, raises or folds. Bets move clockwise around the table to the Big Blind who is last to act. In the present case, I am the Small Blind with Ace Queen. After the betting round is over, the flop can be dealt:

The Button commonly hiding the label dealer puck is a round plastic disk which notifies the dealer where to begin dealing. The blinds and the button move clockwise after each turn. Most of the time the blinds are purely a fact of the game and a means to stop people from sitting around waiting for AA or KK. They can, still, become important in later stages of a tournament as they double in value following a distinct period of play. The button and blinds are placed in the following:

Calculation of Poker Tournament Blinds Schedule:

It starts by dividing the initial chip amount by 50 or 100. This makes your first big blind equal to your starting chip amount at the time you want your tournament to finish. This becomes your anticipated final blind.

Then you have to arrange the middle levels so that the blinds progressively swell from your first big blind to your anticipated final big blind. Maintain the first 2 or 3 levels little low to allow new players to learn without having to risk way too much.

Include a couple of extra blinds levels to be on the safe side.

For instance : There is a 1000 chip buyin tournament lasting four hours
The first big blind = 20 (1/50 of the T1000 starting chip amount).
The final big blind = 1000 (the starting chip amount) at the 4-hour mark using 20-
minute levels. 30-minute levels would result in a tournament about 6 hours long.
Gradually increase your big blinds from 20 to 1000.
Add a couple of levels above the 1000 big blind.


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